Monday, 6 May 2013

Museum of Fathers: ACR/ MEJ testing woodcut plates. Completed.

11 June: All prints are now at studio and in their respective archival edition box. Special thanks to Mez Cornford, Robert Lake and Nick Summers, Plum Press.

Museum of Fathers
India Zegan, 'Site/Unseen', 2003. Exhibited: First Draft Gallery, Surry Hills. Photographer: Ian Hobbs.

18, May 2013: One of five concrete elements from a work I made as my memorial piece to the Gay men who were murdered at the River Torrens in Adelaide during the 1970-80s. This suite of works was produced: 2003 Materials: concrete, white sand, latex, mdf and aggregate. Dimensions: 20 x 30x  40cm.  Iphone photo: India Zegan

I've uploaded these two images to contemplate the ongoing presence of the bevelled line in my work and my want to sink things into a material substrate. Or as the following testers for the woodcut plates below suggest, the disappearance of the object. 

Nick Summers, Plum Letterpress, India Zegan, Sydney
India Zegan, Museum of Fathers, ACR woodcut testers, 2013. All three tests destroyed 11/06/2013.

Nicholas Summers, Plum Letterpress, India Zegan

Nick Summers, Plum Letterpress
Notes: Testing ACR/ MEJ woodcut plates # 30 & 37 as blind embossed prints. Ghost forms are only visible in low light. Test destroyed 11/06/2013.
Printer: Nick Summers, Plum Letterpress
Iphone documentation: India Zegan

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