Thursday, 11 July 2013

Silicon moulds, 'O' and '30 irregular minutes'

 29 September 2013: Now that Erth's 'Dream of the Thylacine' installation preparations are complete, I can return my attentions to my own work. Working with the very funky Erth team has been very satisfying. The object making intelligence on the workshop floor is compelling. The engineering research and development time that they invest in each puppet's design and movement technology is noteworthy. Subsequently, the choreography of each character's movement is fluid and credible. 

Pleasing audio moments: Had the great pleasure of listening to the ACO's Stradivarius violin the other night at a small private recital at the White Rabbit. While listening to that glorious instrument, I remembered an article published a few years ago: A tired musician accidentally leaves his Stradivarius violin in a Manhattan taxi. Luckily for the musician, the taxi driver is a good guy and returns it immediately. To communicate his heartfelt thanks, the musician presents an impromptu concert for a group of taxi drivers in a Newark taxi parking lot. 

Other dates: 
3 October: I have been invited to submit a work for the AGNSW Staff fundraiser for Leukemia Research at Chrissie Cotter Gallery. I have submitted one of the blind embossed prints. 
11 October: Nick Strike opens at 55 Sydneham Road, Marrickville 
15 November: 'Closer': Lynne Barwick and I at Articulate Gallery, 497 Parramatta road, Leichhardt, Sydney

17 August 2013: The silicon mould for 'O' is now housed in its own archival storage box, in order to keep it pristine until its next use. I'm currently alternating between 'O', '30 irregular minutes' and a new object in order to keep moving all objects slowly forward.  My current temporary multi-work stations set up is working well. My wheelie office chair allows me to 'pull up' and work at one object for a while and then glide over on to the next object. The arrival of two pristine white dust covers for objects, a present from a canny friend, could not have been better timed. 

'O' still exudes an unmistakeable chemical odour. It arrests me each and every time I open my studio doors. A few days ago, I took 'H' outside to gass-off. Towards the end of the day,  the bottom section of 'O' absorbed the pink light of the soon approaching evening sky. I had not anticipated this.

Ich habe zwölf minuten.

August 2013: '30 irregular minutes' (verso) work in progress

August 2013: '30 irregular minutes' (recto) work in progress

9 August 2013: 'O' is still gassing off- its approximately three weeks since it was extracted from its mould. The cocktail of chemical odours that I encounter when I open my studio doors is quite overwhelming and nasty. The carbon filter that I have inserted into my air purifier greatly helps to neutralise the air in my room (after its been on for a little while) and to also filter airborne mdf particles.
I'm currently editing '30 irregular minutes'. When I finish, I intend to never work with mdf again. 'M' is made up of multiple sections of recycled mdf that I laminated together to achieve its required depth.

1 August 2013: Special thanks to Russell at Carb-I-Tool for replacing router bits that were stolen in the post. I can now get on with finishing '30 irregular minutes'.

21 July 2013: 'O' has now been cast and removed from its silicon mould. This object was birthed on 19/07/2013.  Cast by: Ramie MoussaMy task is now to take the object to its next stage.

Ramie Moussa laying down materials. The wall mounted black object on the back wall of his studio is an object that Ramie made earlier this year for the M.O.S.T open studio, 2013.
Final clean of silicon mould prior to laying down first coat of polyester resin with white pigment.
14 July 2013: Polyester resin tester
Silicon mould being put to sleep. Mould maker: Ramie Moussa

12 July 2013: Presto! A section of Ramie Moussa's silicon mould, for my hand routed mdf pattern, preparing to be put to sleep the other night. Zero air bubbles are present. The two part mould for 'Deal #4' is now also complete. 

Waiting on router bit deilvery to make final adjustments to remaining two patterns. These should be complete and lightly spray sealed by the end of this coming weekend.

Currently testing polyester chemicals and other elements for surface outcomes for this suite of objects: 3x sewer caps and 'Deal #4'. Mindful of chemicals 'off gassing' time- testers are incredibly pungent 24 hours after 'safe handling' curing at 5pm yesterday.

Have ordered double-wall archival board. I am now just waiting for it to arrive so that I can make a storage boxes for all three silicon sewer cap moulds and the 'Deal #4'.

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