Saturday, 28 September 2013

Two movements

29 September 2013: Over the course of the last six weeks or so I have been using grey ink to draw up a grid of x and y axis on a ream of 20 year old acidic tissue paper. The work is slow as all lines are drawn freehand and the tissue tears easily when handled.  Subsequently, I have transported the entire ream to home which allows me to draw before work and then again in the evening after work. Once I have completed the entire ream, I can commence stage 2 which needs to be done in the studio.

At this point, there are three pieces in this suite of works. Listening to the ACO's Stradivarius violin the other night enabled me to imagine the third permutation. The aged tissue paper is a present from an insightful friend. 

1. The London Contemporary Choir's version of Bjork's 'Unravel'
2. Ane Brun's stunning cover of  Bjork's Jóga