Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Exhibition: 'Closer', Articulate Upstairs

Articulate Upstairs, Sydney
India Zegan | Museum of Fathers: Ghosts: ACR/MEJ #25-37, 2011-2013 | Exhibition: 'Closer', Articulate Upstairs, November 2013, installation overview | Photography: Felicity Jenkins

All works are blind embossed woodblock prints 
Printed on archival 300gsm Magnani Pescia paper, 100% cotton
Plate size: 29 x 23cm
Paper support: 42.5 x 30cm
Framed size: 53 x 42cm
Edition 7 + 2A/P + Printer’s copy
Printer: Nick Summers, Plum Press

The ghost-like, abstracted portraits, at points barely perceptible, have undergone a series of transpositions from sculptures, to photographs, to woodblock plates and now into blind-embossed woodblock prints. The original objects have been sunken into the paper substrate, returning them to their sculptural histories.

Special thanks: Mez Cornford.

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