Wednesday, 11 December 2013

'Splice', Articulate Project Space

Photographer: Beata Geyer
India Zegan| 'Museum of Fathers #39: 30 irregular minutes' (1999-2013) at right and Beata Geyer's yellow tongue sculpture. Photographer: Beata Geyer
Splice opens on the Friday 3rd January 2014 at 6pm; with the opening proper on the 10th January.

Artists include: Margaret Roberts, Beata Geyer, Christine Myerscough, Jacqueline Spedding and me.
Exhibition dates: 4-12 January 2014
Opening Hours: Friday- Sunday, 11am-5pm 

Articulate Project Space: 493 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt (directly opposite the orange 'Kennards' building)

For additional information see:;
also see: 7311&type=3

Addendum on 01.01.2014: The conceptual elasticity of Articulate Project Space (APS) and the parameters of this exhibition proposition keep reminding me of an essay that Peter Schjeldahl wrote in 2003. By my estimations, APS falls into the realm of the art laboratory. See Schjeldahl's essay, 'Art Houses': 

Photographer: Felicty Jenkins
Splice@ Articulate Project Space| Margaret Roberts, Christine Myerscough, Jacqueline Spedding, Beata Geyer, India Zegan| Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

06/01/2013: I've submitted 'Museum of Fathers # 39: 30 irregular minutes' (1999-2013) and 'Museum of Fathers #40: Fog drawings' (2013) as my entry point into the Splice project parameters. Now that everyone has installed their works, I am looking forward to making objects that respond to the other participating artists' work.

Special thanks: Richard Crampton and Steven Mori 
India Zegan| Museum of Fathers #40: Fog drawings' (2013) [suite of 5 miniature drawings]| Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

23/01/2013: Additional works made in response to the Splice premise included, 
'Museum of Fathers #41: Raft' (2014)
Materials: plywood, consolidant and found objects. 
Dimensions: 66 and 68.7cm diameter. 
Notes: This is the first of what I imagine will be several sculptural 'Raft' works that are a direct response to Gericault's remarkable painting, 'The Raft of the Medusa' (1818-1819) which is held in the Louvre Museum.

Splice: Margaret Roberts' textile| Beata Geyer string element| Jacqueline Spedding ceramics and branches| India Zegan, grey raft| Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

'Museum of Fathers #42: Slow' (2014)Materials: coloured pencil on archival paper
Dimensions:175x 145cm  on archival paper| Margaret Roberts' floor piece| Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

India Zegan | Museum of Fathers #39: 30 irregular minutes' (1999-2013), Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

India Zegan | Museum of Fathers #39: 30 irregular minutes' (1999-2013), Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

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