Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013/ 2104

2013 is best described as being remarkable. Working with zero distractions makes everything achievable.

Most of all, I would like to thank my art team. You know who you are. Your ongoing support is priceless: It's the late night lifts from the studio to home; its the studio visits to help me install a wire hanging system; agreeing to 7.30am work meetings to push work through; the early morning meet up at the timber merchant to help me transport wood back to the studio; your 150% engagement and work ethic when we work together on projects; the ongoing critical conversations; the countless 'speed dating' coffee meetings to discuss technical details and solutions; the studio visits and work in progress conversations; and your astute fine art eyes. To paraphrase Patti Smith, thanks for riding the roller coaster with me:

 The 2013-2014 drawings that I am currently working on flag a new chapter in the Museum of Fathers. Special thanks to the exceptional Genowefa who never roused on me when I repeatedly drew directly onto the walls in the hall when I was little. If anything, she probably cycled to the local shops and bought me more pencils. Her gift of introducing me to classical music and esoteric bird song records has made me who I am. Who in their right mind would take her 6 year old daughter and her 2 year old son to a Chopin concert recital? Answer: The woman who listens to Paderewski.

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