Sunday, 9 February 2014

Lynne Barwick, 'As If All Space Expanded' (2014)

Lynne Barwick | As If All Space Expanded, 2014 | acrylic paint on wood |250mm (h) x 400mm (w) | Allan Booth's assemblages and collected objects are visible on top of the cupboard.

In the last months of 2013 Jeffrey Stewart invited three artists to participate in a site specific text intervention in his kitchen. Artists commissioned to  use a kitchen cupboard door included: Chris Dean, Lynne Barwick and Ron Adams. This page has been set up to discuss Lynne's work, as I know her work more intimately than I do Chris Dean's or Ron Adam's work.

Lynne's inspired kinetic text piece reflects her long standing commitment to her studio practice which began in sculpture and installation at the South Australian Art School in the early 90s. 

Bawick has been continually experimenting with text in multiple forms since her returning to Sydney in 1999, after completing a year of post graduate studies in NY on a Samstag Scholarship and a stint in the UK.

It was during her time in New York that Lynne first began experimenting with text. On returning to Australia, Lynne completed a MA in Creative Writing at UTS which provided her with the opportunity to continue experimenting with words and text art.

It's exciting to see this new kinetic work emerge from her studio. It's seldom that I get to utter the following slightly uncouth phrase, 'It's piss elegant'. I had one singular opportunity in 2013 to use the phrase in context to Margaret Robert's work in the 'Leave it in the Ground' exhibition in 2013. Subsequently, 2014's 'It's piss elegant' award belongs to Lynne Barwick. The term 'piss elegant' stems from the English 1960s writer Joe Orton. [For additional info see:; or simply watch the film, 'Prick up your ears' (1987).] Some have suggested that it is too early in the year to know if Lynne's work will stand up to this merit. I believe it will.

I cannot help but wonder if having a studio space at Articulate Project Space has influenced Lynne's work. 

Upcoming: Redfern Biennale opens 8th March.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Last day: Andrew SImmons @ Articulate Project Space.

Andrew Simmons' dexterous installation, 'Jerk' comes down at 5pm today. If you are in Sydney- just go. 

Andrew Simmons | 'Jerk' | Articulate Project Space, 2014

Andrew's resolution of each section of this ambitious and large scale installation is most note worthy. The imaginary orchestras and ensembles of found objects he uses (and remakes) convey multiple private and abstracted thoughts and environments. With this new work, Andrew has presented a installation that brings to mind excepts from David Foster Wallace's 'Infinite Jest'. The layering of language, poetry, form and movement makes this work most accomplished. Andrew Simmons is currently enrolled as an Hons student at the National Art School, Sydney. 

10.02.2014: Due to the complexity of this installation and its many rooms, I can only upload selected elements from this installation.  Additional images can be seen on the Articulate Project Space blog.

Andrew Simmons | 'Jerk' | Articulate Project Space, 2014

Andrew Simmons | 'Jerk' | Articulate Project Space, 2014

Andrew Simmons | 'Jerk' | Articulate Project Space, 2014

Andrew Simmons | 'Jerk' (aerial view) | Articulate Project Space, 2014

Andrew Simmons | 'Jerk' | Articulate Project Space, 2014