Saturday, 1 March 2014

LOST @ Articulate Project Space, March 1-8, 2014; and Marrickville Open Studio Trail (M.O.S.T), March 1-2 2014;

LOST: My engagement with cold and warm pale grey tones is ongoing. It was good to see these two drawings on display as part of the Leichhardt Open Studio Trail (LOST). These drawings are a bit of a curiosity for me as I have not drawn for many years. I'm not sure where they are coming from. They're automatic and they're compelling to me. The last time I enjoyed drawing was in a class John Lethbridge organised when I was an undergraduate at SCA.

Having the opportunity to display them in a gallery space gave me an insight into how much space they each require for public display, as each work is 150cm wide.

Special thanks to the Coordinators of Articulate Project Space for inviting me into their open studio event.

India Zegan| 'Raft drawing #1'(2014) | Coloured pencils on archival Magniani paper| Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

India Zegan | Raft drawings no's 2 & 1(left to right) (2014). Coloured pencil on archival Magniani paper | Photographer: Felicity Jenkins

M.O.S.T open studio day 1: It's been good to see my new works arranged in a slightly more formal way in my studio. As an experiment, it has been interesting to put these newer works (November 2013- March 2014) up against a selection of works made over the course of the last three years; with one exception, 'Museum of Fathers: 30 irregular minutes'  which was a long haul project,1999-2013. The irregular minutes piece casts a circular orientated 'light' shadow on the wall behind it. Due to spatial constraints, I was not able to install it properly on its 180 degree hinges, which allows for fluid 'gate-like' movement of the work.

I will be uploading more object details shortly. 

The floor piece, 'Museum of Fathers #41: Raft' (2014, [1]) was also made in response to Margaret's and Beata Geyer's work in the 'Splice'. The details pertaining to this piece and other works will be uploaded after the Biennale opens to the public on the 20th March. Read: When I leave 'Cockatoo Island time' and return to the mainland.

The darker toned automatic drawing, 'Museum of Fathers #42: Slow' (2014, left hand side) was made in response to Margaret Robert's work, based on a Katarzyna Korba sculpture, that she presented earlier this year for 'Splice' at Articulate Project Space. The tonal range of 'Museum of Fathers #42: Slow' was inspired by by Jacqueline Spedding's ceramic and found objects from the same spatial laboratory/ exhibition.

Work in progress: 'Raft drawing #3' (2014) in multiple shades of grey (right hand side, photograph above and below this text) requires a few more hours of tweaking to get the upper section of the drawing to its final deep and warm grey tone.  

Work in progress: In between visitors I was able to start 'Raft drawing #4' (2014), see photo directly above this text. I will not be able to make final tonal adjustments to each work until the complete set of 8 drawings are all at 85% finished. As these are mural sized drawings, (width of paper=150cm), I am hoping that I can push these works through by mid year.

'Raft drawings #1-2' (2014) are currently on display at Articulate Project Space as part of the Leichhardt Open Studio Trail (L.O.S.T) until the 8th March. An image of 'Raft #2' is available on the Articulate Project Space blog; proper documentation is forthcoming.

 9.00pm: Waiting for a train home on Sunday night, Sydneham train station

Open studio day 2:  Thanks to all who came along- in the rain- to support the MOST event. Many thanks to Rini who took charge at ground control and got things 'ship-shape'. 

Summary: It is pleasing to have formally completed this 3 year cycle of works that spans 2011-2014. 

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