Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Clandulla State Forrest inaugurual exhibition, 'The Survey'

It was a pleasure to have been invited to work in the gallery and to meet nearly all the participating artists and other guests also staying at Cementa HQ.  
India Zegan| Site: Clandulla State Forrest, NSW| Title: Raft no.2 (2014)| Materials: Sand, cable ties| Dimensions: variable
Participating artists: George Pollard, Mr and Mrs Brown, Alan Schachler, Bettina Bruder, Kathryn Ryan, Dave Stanfield, Emma Wise, Genevieve Carroll, Connie Anthes, Sara Breen Lovett, Kelly Spritz, Margaret Roberts and me.
Special thankyou to George Pollard, Dave Stanfield, Alex Wisser, Christine McMillan and Anne Finegan for hosting and the welcoming atmosphere.

For this project, I presented Raft No. 2 (2014). As this work pushed me well out of my comfort zone, I am currently thinking on it as an extension of the automatic drawing and floor works that I have recently been experimenting with. The following text was made available to visitors on the day:


Title: Raft no.2(2014)
Materials: White sand, cable ties
Dimensions: Variable.

Zegan has been thinking on and off about Théodore Géricault's painting, 'The Raft of The Medusa' (1819) for approximately ten years. The French frigate, The Medusa, sank on route to Senegal in 1816.

Géricault's painting is widely agreed upon by art historians as marking the birth of modernity. 'The Raft of The Medusa' was the first painting in the European tradition to depict and place equal importance upon the representation of slaves, people of colour and caucasians. Historians have documented that the raft helped save the lives of some ten people, from the original 150 passengers of the raft. It is well documented that the official  life rafts had unassigned seats that could have easily accommodated  additional passengers.

For the Clandulla State Forest's inaugural exhibition, Zegan has chosen to focus on the raft from Géricault's epic painting. Zegan's decision to only work in black and white tones directly references the black and white hull of the Medusa.

India Zegan| Site: Clandulla State Forrest, NSW| Title: Raft no.2 (2014)| Materials: Sand, cable ties| Dimensions: variable
Connie Anthes: A sail-like rectangle made from the lightest grey shopping bags fused together with a soldering iron. Almost like a piece of minimalist music turned into an object.
Mr and Mrs Brown: I like particularly liked the movement between the three elements that Mr and Mrs Brown installed. Very elegant placement and spaces between each. Great use of hot pink colour and its correlation with the stains an insecticide leaves in their ute.
George Pollard: Dexterous.
Emma Wise: On.
Kathryn Ryan: Semitones of white.
Bettina Bruder: Watching.
Genevieve Carroll: Strong work. 
Unfortunately, my iphone ran dry. Please send pics.

Notes: It would be great to see another batch of artists being invited to participate in the next chapter of the Clandulla State Forrest. The opportunity to play and experiment on site is simply, quite brilliant.  

This project was thoughtfully conceived and delivered by Margaret Roberts and Alex Wisser.

Other: Wisser and Millis at Redlands Prize, NAS= perfect conversation.

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