Thursday, 3 April 2014

Distortions of space through contemporary dance

Starting to return to think about spatial politics through dance and movement again; and the relationship between drawing and dance.

For more info on this beautiful project:
I am also delighted that the work is a collaboration with Ane Brun.
I keep watching 'Hold' and thinking about what it means to make work.

New Youtube gold: William Forsythe: 
Online score Synchronous Objects: 
; Motion Bank:

Drawing news: Raft drawings (2014): Have pinned sheet no.5 to the wall. Still working up No.4 and can better see the final additions that are required to #1-3. Will try to hold of on these until I have the full set, between 10 and 12 drawings completed. Due date: October.

Exhibition requirements: Need to secure a space that has quasi museum scale tall and long walls. These drawings are all 150 cm wide and will require significant space around them so that they can breathe. 

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