Sunday, 20 April 2014

Australian artist: Rose Ann McGreevy

The highlight of Articulate Project Space's (APS) current exhibition is Rose Anne McGreevy's work.  For readers outside Australia, APS is a remarkable artist network that provides conceptual artists with a laboratory-like space to test new works and spatial theory. 

Rose is a senior Australian conceptual artist who has now retired from academia. As a pracitising artist, she continues to map out new spatial cartographies in her studio at APS and in her home.

ROSE ANN MCGREEVY, 'Interrupting the spatial plane' (2014)
Spending time with Rose's work yesterday made me wish Sydney had writers and curators like Peter Schjeldahl or Gabriele Knapstein to look at her work. This last comment reflects on the fact that there are only a handful of interested parties in Sydney who invest in spatial and conceptual art discourses.

The work, 'Interrupting the spatial plane. 2014' is potent and not for the lame hearted. The conversations set up between the roughly hewn horizontal timbers, the non-grain of the four mdf sheets and dowel wood achieve an opera-like tension. Every decision and action that McGreevy undertook to produce this work demonstrates her rare and quiet intelligence. 

ROSE ANN MCGREEVY, 'Interrupting the spatial plane', (2014), section view
This work also reminded me of the silent and still hurricane-like force a work can convey. The truth embedded in McGreevy's piece brought to mind Bruce Nauman's  now permanent installation, 'Room with My Soul Left Out, Room That Does Not Care' (1984) at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. Both Nauman's and McGreevy's piece remind me of truth in its most potent form: a brave mix of self honesty, introspection and courage. 

McGreevy's 'Interrupting the spatial plane. 2014' is best described as sublime.

For additional info on Rose's practice, please visit her blog:

Notes_ 05/05/2014: I am still thinking on Rose's work and will be uploading more notes shortly.
ROSE ANN MCGREEVY, 'Interrupting the spatial plane' (2014)

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