Thursday, 18 September 2014

'On Return and What Remains', Artspace

Artspace's current exhibition, 'On Return and What Remains'  currently runs until 12 October 2014. Artist: Omer Fast (Israel/ Germany), Richard Mosse (Ireland), Khadim Ali (Afghanistan/ Australia), Harun Farocki (Germany 1994-2014), Baden Pailthorpe (Australia) and Bonity Ely (Australia). Curator: Mark Feary.

Omer Fast's mindful work, 'Continuity' (2012) had me spellbound for some 2+ hours. Repeat viewing of the piece enabled me to glean additional details during each 39 minute cycle. The work is aided by a remarkable script, casting, camera work and direction. After watching Fast's work for two hours, I could only take in Ricard Mosse and Khadim Ali's (both brilliant) works very briefly, as my ears and eyes had been totally immersed in Fast's fictional narrative.

On my train ride home, a young Australian soldier dressed in full army fatigues entered my train carriage at Sydney's Central railway station. For a moment, he briefly stood in the section I was sitting, closest to the automatic doors. After a minute or two I watched him and his backpack dissapear downstairs, to occupy a seat located behind the architecture/ stair partition. It was not Fiedler.  If a script is well written, I can easily immerse myself into a work's fictional narrative. Omer Fast's 'Continuity' (2012) is a potent and important work. I am terribly glad that I was able to see it, particularly since I missed it at Dokumenta

I need to plan a second trip to Artspace to view the other works properly.

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