Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Poetry, objects, sound and text art

Same lute case, different angle and slightly larger image, Sydney

Working backwards: The other week a friend and I discuss Roman Opałka's sound/ performance work, which accompanied one of his paintings, then, on display in Berlin in 2012. As Opałka died in 2011, it was most fitting that  art collections around the world, including the AGNSW and Lodz's 'Muzeum Sztuki' (MS2), presented their Opałka works as testimony to his unique vision. My friend mentions that he has not had the chance to hear one of the Opałka sound pieces. This briefly makes him sad.

 A recent viewing of the Sydney University Union Collection at Verge Gallery illustrated this point from an Australian art perspective. This exhibition enabled me to see a selection of works that I had not seen before, or works that I had only previously seen as slides in the late 90s. Special thanks to Julian Woods and company for presenting Craig Judd's extended collage work from that period. 

The bones of this conversation remind me how important it is to view works when they are made available for public display, particularly when works are not held in publicly accessible art collections. 

Poetry, objects and sounds:
1. Joanne Burn's new collection of poems, 'Brush'.
'fridge magnet' on p.51 is as good a starting point as any. 
I had the pleasure of hearing Joanne read 'road' (p.50) and other poems at her book launch at Glebe Books on Tuesday night. Listening and quietly cackling quietly to myself as I jigsaw pieced together her insightful words into drawings- which then morphed into substantial spatial dioramas. Orforthosewithwhitebreadwhiplashedtastebuds- Australian cucina at its very best. 'grip' on page 81 is today's treasure. Publisher: Giromondo.
Available: Glebe Books and shortly at the AGNSW Bookshop. ISBN 9781922146717.

2. Upcoming_ Articulate Project Space: 
Artist talks: Cutendpaste
When: Saturday 15th November, 2-5pm
Artists: Linden Braye, Melissa Maree, Margaret Roberts, Kathryn Ryan, Dorit Goldman & Anna Jaaniste. 
Notes: Cutendpaste blog works well to communicate the processes of this project. Projects such as 'Cutendpaste' are priceless during lean times. It will be interesting to hear each artist offer up comments on this process driven project.
Last days: Emma Wise @ Articulate Upstairs. Performative text based work.

3. Upcoming_ Sydney's excellent 'Ensemble Offspring' at Sydney Lower Town Hall.
Dates: [Cripes! Friday night is already sold out.] Thur 20- Sat 22 November
Cost: Fast booking moves with credit cards required. Make haste!

4. Now: Melissa Jane Palmer at 'Factory 49'.
The photo on the Factory 49 blog is enticing.

5. Great ARI team work: MOP & Pom Pom's current exhibition, 'Sydney Painting Now' opened last night. For readers outside Australia, MOP is currently one of the longest running ARI spaces in Sydney. I particularly enjoyed Katie Williams, a turqouise text work by Ron Adams, playful text by Christine Dean and a new suite of text works by Lynne Barwick. Bumping into friends and new acquaintances made for a most charming evening. Special thanks to George Adams.

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