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Memento mori: 'PAM/MAP'(2015) & '2014' (2015)

Preface: The ongoing ill health of a family member over the last 15 months have caused me to think deeply on Anne Newmarch's seminal print work, Women hold up half the sky (1978).  By May 2014 the title of Newmarch's print became my nightly meditation of sorts before sleep set in. During this period I commenced a suite of autocartographical sculpture-drawings,  Die Papageien (2014-2105). 

Reflecting on Anne's work, which I first encountered in Adelaide at the EAF in the early 80s, led me to also remember Pam Harris (1946-1992). Pam and Anne were part of the remarkable, anarchic and unapologetic collective who gave voice to the Womens Art Movement in Adelaide. Luckily for me and many others, Pam Harris and Anne Newmarch were also Foundation year lecturers at Underdale CAE in the mid 80s.

More recently: Anne Newmarch's Women hold up half the sky (1978) and Pam Harris' print, Memory trace (1983) have helped frame the conceptual rational for Articulate Project Space's current exhibition, Taking up Space (TUS). TUS was an open call exhibition that invited Feminist identifying women to respond to the Australian feminist archive or feminist artists from an artist's country of origin. [For more information on this exhibition and participating artists, please see the blog entry that precedes this one and also visit the Articulate Project Space blog.]

The following momento mori works celebrate two Australian feminist artists who bookend my adult art viewing years from approximately 1985-2015. PAM/MAP (2015) celebrates Pam Harris (1946-1992) and her edgy feminist and gender politics. Pam and her work enabled me to imagine a parallel art universe that has long been my home. [Shorthand: Grace Jones met Tintin and the rest was fate.] The study, 2014 (2015) remembers Rose Ann McCreevy (1945-2014).

Both works are currently on public display: 
1. PAM/MAP (2015) is currently on display in the group exhibition, Notes towards a Future Feminist Archive at Affiliated Text, Cross Art Books. This exhibition has been curated by Bronia Iwanczak and Lynne Barwick. 
Address: 33 Roslyn Street, Potts Point, NSW
2. 2014 (2015) is currently on display in the group exhibition, Taking up Space at Articulate Project Space. It responds to Rose McGreevy's last floor work, Interrupting the spatial plane (2014).

India Zegan, PAM/ MAP (2015); Dimensions: 28cm (h)x 28cm (w) x 0.9cm (d). Materials: plywood, brass hinges

India Zegan, PAM/ MAP (2015). Notes: This piece pivots on two brass hinges. As light travels through the work, the shadow brings to light the full compass of this work.

India Zegan, PAM/ MAP (2015) Notes: This is my second hinged piece an follows my earlier work, 30 irregular minutes which was exhibited in the group exhibition, Splice at Articulate Project Space in January 2014.

India Zegan, PAM/ MAP (2015) 

India Zegan, PAM/MAP (2015) installation view Notes towards a Future Feminist Archive, Affiliated Text @ Cross Art Books, Sydney

India Zegan| 2014 (2015)| Materials: Plywood, archival Fabriano paper, watercolour pencils, dowel; Dimensions: 40cm (length) x 25cm (height) x 27cm (depth). As McGreevy noted at the time, Space incorporates visible and invisible planes as well as being consumed by form. In this work each plane of wood articulates the blueprint of the journey it is on. Balance, plugging and clearance are also concerns.

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