Sunday, 19 April 2015

Post opening: Notes: Museum of Fathers, Factory 49

I have recently joined Facebook to help promote my work. If you do not use FB, installation and opening night images can be seen without logging into FB by viewing Factory 49's FB account:
I will also be uploading additional installation images and close up of works to this blog as soon as these become available.

It has been a curious exercise to select key works from the last four years studio work. As space and site are primary concerns, I've enjoyed setting up new conversation between many works, including Museum of Fathers #39: 30 irregular minutes (1999-2014) and Museum of Fathers #53: O (2013-2015). A large rectangular metal floor grate located near 30 irregular minutes set up an unexpected push-pull tension between this piece and O.
In my non-artist work like I have frequently worked with artists to help them place their multiple works in installation, site specific and gallery settings. To now do this for myself was a consolidating exercise.

When one makes deathly quiet works- placement is paramount. The second and smaller room at Factory 49 illustrates this point well. This room contains two works- one large mural autocartographical drawing, Museum of Fathers # 54: Raft no.1 (2014) and the A3 sized drawing, Museum of Fathers #58: Untitled (2015). The relationship between these two works is such that these two works would ideally, on another occasion, be displayed within close proximity of each other.

The location of the 12x blind embossed woodblock prints, Museum of Fathers # 25-37: Ghosts ACR/MEJ (2011-2013), in the large showroom space, has set up an operatic tension between these works and O (2013-2015). On this occasion, the twelve ACR/MEJ prints function, as I always hoped they would, as a chorus from an opera. The presentation of this solo show, has illustrated to me and that I could easily extend the MOF over 5 equally large rooms, as these additional works are ready for display.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Museum of Fathers. As I mentioned to people on the night- work only comes to life when it has an audience.

Credits and thanks:
Factory 49: Kate, Chris, Marlene and Pam. 
Technical: Nick Summers, Plum Letterpress; and Ramie Moussa, casting dynamo.
Legends: Robert Lake and Margaret Roberts

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