Saturday, 23 May 2015

Upcoming shows and other news, July- October 2015

1. FLOOR WORKS opens 10th July at Articulate Project Space, Leichhardt
I am currently the Artist/ organiser for this project based exhibition.
Participating artists: Loma Bridge, Nicole Ellis, Julian Woods, Chantal Grech, Linden Braye, Heidi Abraham, Beata Geyer, Justin Henderson, Lynne Eastaway, Hana Hoogedeure and Elizabeth Day. 

2. Der Hund is a new drawing that I have started and which I am putting aside for my next solo show in 2016. I've been using a contemporary Belgian stamp to colour balance this work and the next new suite of grey drawings.

3. I am also working on the ROSE ANNE MCGREEVY exhibition which is graciously supported by a Community Grant from Leichhardt Council. This exhibition will take place at Articulate Project Space in October 2015. Being invited to working on this exhibition is an honour that I never expected. 

Progress report: I've been slowly working through Rose's diaries and other paper-based archival documents and identifying important and ongoing concerns in her work.  Rose's archive illustrates the complex matrix of works, events, people, opportunities that informed her practice in Sydney, Belfast and London. 

The drawings and sketches in the diaries provide rare insights into her work methodology and her remarkable practice that spans drawing, sculpture, experimental film, wall drawings, text and installations. I am very glad to be developing this exhibition with assistance from Barbara Halnan and Margaret Roberts.

4. HELP: Still drawing, but this goes slowly at the moment due to unexpected and bone numbing news: I need to find another studio. There's a DA on our building, and we're expecting an eviction notice any day. As I can't drive, a studio with good pubic transport access is vital. As far as buildings go, I don't mind if its a bit ramshackle, so long as it is a secure building/ space. If anyone knows of a suitable space/s, please contact me directly:
N.B: This will be my second DA related studio move this year.  

5. Upside: Last weekend I helped Sam Whittington from the Stone Villa Artist's co-op with a kids workshop for Marrickville Council. It was a hoot getting little people to imagine the Cooks River. I've never seen contact adhesive put to such good use.

Sam Whittington

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