Thursday, 29 October 2015

'Scoring Patti Smith' opens 11th November

Extremely happy to be invited into this group show curated by Affiliated Text. Opens 11th November @ Cross Art Books, 30 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross. If you are in Sydney- consider yourself warmly invited to attend.

Fisher's Ghost art prize opens 6th November 2015

Very glad to see my work shortlisted into the 'Contemporary' section of the Fisher's Ghost Prize, Campbelltown Art Centre.

Having made my first art shipping crate and designed its internal fit-out,  I feel as if I can now build anything.

This is the internal fit-out of the crate that I made to transfer my work, 'Museum of Fathers #39: 30 irregular minutes' to Campbelltown Art Centre. I've made the crate slightly larger than it really need to be on this occasion. I've done this so that I can re-purpose the crate for other works as required.

The right hand side of the crate slides out. When the side lifts out, one person or two can easily slide across the carboard folio that contains the work. Being someone who essentially works in isolation, ergonomic design is very important to me as I need to be able to safely move large objects by myself.

Tyvek veneered PE foam inserts to protect side 'b' during transit.