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Closing remarks 2015

India Zegan Museum of Fathers #tbc:  'October 2015' (2015)

India Zegan Museum of Fathers #tbc:  'October 2015' (2015) [section view]

India Zegan Museum of Fathers #tbc:  'October 2015' (2015) [section view]

I give special thanks to the phenomenal team of medical specialist that care for my Mother. As my Brother is her all-seeing carer, I know that she is in expert hands.

The first book of my ongoing studio project, Museum of Fathers, was presented at Factory 49 in April. This exhibition saw me present a selection of works from the last five years, 2010-2015. An earlier post on this blog includes documentation of all works- thanks Felicity Jenkins. The beginning of the next three year cycle of works will see me immersed in studio work for most of 2016.

2015 was a year that saw many good things transpire in Sydney. These include observing Lynne Barwick and Bronia Iwanczak deliver a very successful 12month text art project titled, 'Affiliated Text', which was kindly hosted by Gavin at Cross Art Books. Highlights included seeing work by many artists that seldom exhibit in Sydney. The 'wow' factor included 'Bad Spelling' which was curated by Sydney's underground curator, Robert Lake. Other gems included works by Sophie Coombs (exhibition: 'Bad Spelling'), Bronwyn Platten ('Counting Bone'), Robert Pulie ('Bad Spelling') and Domenico De Clario ('Counting Bone'). Disclaimer: I participated in two shows at 'Affiliated Text' and would gladly jump at a chance to work with them again.

In addition to securing a grant from Leichhardt Council for Rose McGreevy's survey show, I was thrilled to be able to broker an anonymous philanthropic gift that saw the project make considerable consumables savings- 20 sheets of architectural grade plywood in multiple thicknesses. As the Exhibition Coordinator, it was an honor to deliver the promise I made to Rose before she died. I am glad that the works that Rose wanted included in this survey- as notated in her visual diaries- went on public display. The project benefited from solid work put in by all volunteers: Sue Callanan, Paul Cooper, Robert Lake, Justin Henderson, Julian Woods, Craig Hull, Margaret Roberts, Bill Seeto and others. 

As the Curator, Widow, Estate Executor and Rose's longstanding technician, Barbara Halnan rolled up her sleeves and went to work to construct a fine large scale structure that saw Rose's last drawing come to life. Barbara also remade a selection of Rose's site specific Articulate works and collated all print media per Rose's practice. The exhibition was opened by Rose's friends, Mikala Dwyer and Steve SInn.

Incoming loans included rare video interviews and works from: Barbara Halnan, Margaret Roberts, Anne Kay & Jane Polikhorne, Pam Aitken. 

I also organised 'Floorworks' at Articulate Project Space. Participating artists: Loma Bridge, Elizabeth Day, Beata Geyer, Hana Hoogedeure, Justin Henderson, Julian Woods, Heidi Abraham, Chantalm Grech, Linden Braye, Lynne Eastaway and Nicole Ellis. Each artist went hard- some more than others- some less- and all delivered crazy-good floor works.
After completing a 12 months as one of the Co-Directors at Articulate Project space, I stood down from the role so that I could concentrate on my own work. 

I look forward to working twice as hard as I did this year. I am at my happiest when I am mostly left to be my own and go about my art hermit business. In addition to showing my work in Sydney, I will also be seeking out exhibition venues and funding opportunities to present my work in a European context.

If you're reading this and have any questions about my work, please do not hesitate to drop me a note: india.zegan@gmail.com


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