Monday, 25 January 2016

Documentation_ backlog 2014- 2015

News: I have finally settled into 100% productivity in my new temporary studio. The works selected for this post represent a selection of works that were completed during 2014-2015. I am glad that I now have high quality TIF and JPEG files of all works. Special thanks: Felicity Jenkins. I am currently working on two new bodies of work. As last year involved me moving studios 4 times- twice due to DAs- I feel as if I have much ground to regain after having wasted much studio time due to the constantly shifting sands of commercial real estate developments in Sydney.
Photographer: Felicity Jenkins
India Zegan, Plaque for a monument that does not exist (2014)| Materials: Colour pencil on Archival Fabriano paper| Dimensions: 24x 32cm| Exhibition: Daisy Chain, Marrickville Garage, Sydney 2014 Documentation: Felicity Jenkins

Documentation: Felicity Jenkins
India Zegan, Die Papageien [1-6]( July 2014- January 2015) Materials: watercolour pencils on archival Fabriano per, 200gsm| Dimensions: width variable 17-35 cm, approximate lengths: 585cm. First exhibited as a complete suite of automatic carto-autographical drawings during Feral, an investigative spatial summer laboratory at Articulate project space, Sydney January 2015. Additional notes: This suite of drawings is rendered in white pencils and warm and cold grey tones. As with all my drawings, I have drawn to the edge of each paper element, leaving no area of paper unmarked. Documentation: Felicity Jenkins

Documentation: Felicity Jenkins
India Zegan| 2014 (2015) | Dimensions: length 40cm x width 30cm x height 30cm| Materials: toothpicks, dowel, watercolour paper, pencils and 3mm plywood| Exhibited: Taking up Space, Articulate project Space, March 2015. Notes: This work is a homage to the late Irish-Australian artist, Rose Anne McGreevy (1945- 2014). As this work directly references the Rose's last work, Interrupting the Spatial Plane, this work has been conceived to be seen in the round. I have uploaded additional images which will hopefully convey the work's multiple planes. The four ply panels were laminated with green drawings that faced in on themselves.

Documentation: Felicity Jenkins

Documentation: Felicity Jenkins

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