Thursday, 18 February 2016

Maquettes for new sculpture-drawings started on the 1st Jan 2016

Notes: Maquettes for new sculpture- drawings that I began working on the 1st January 2016. In this photo, the drawings have been put to sleep. The photographs that follow below document the works in a non-sleeping positions. Photography: Felicity Jenkins                                                                                

When the opportunity arises, I'd like to make these to scale for public exhibition. The tallest element would measure approx. 200cm and width would be scaled accordingly. The current permutation of these maquettes in this set of photographs reflects my need to rationalise my studio space. Photography: Felicity Jenkins

The presentation/permutation of this suite of works would change once the works are made to scale. Photography: Felicity Jenkins

Section detail. Photography: Felicity Jenkins

Materials: Archival pencils, Fabriano archival watercolour paper (200gsm), plywood, acid free glue and metal hinges. Photography: Felicity Jenkins.

Additional notes: I am also working on another suite of large scale drawings, 150x 110cm. The first completed drawing in this series is titled, The tree would only be found at higher altitudes (2014-2015). I am currently working on the next three drawings in this suite.

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