Saturday, 27 February 2016

News: Studio visits 2016; New series: The tree would only be found in higher altitudes

Sydney studio visits can be arranged on Fridays- and at other times- by appointment. **Please enter the words, 'Studio visit _March ( or respective month)' in the header of your note.

Autocartographical drawings: The tree would only be found at higher altitudes is the name of a new body of large scale automatic drawings that I am currently working on, 150cm x 105cm. The title of this body of work is also the title of the first work from this series that I have already completed. I am currently working on three new drawings on average 3-4 full days per week. I expect that these will be completed and professionally documented in late April/ early May.

An earlier object, 2014 (2015) marked the beginning of this new trajectory into colour. As I have mostly listened to minimal music for the last few years, it was inevitable that my audio habits would seep into my studio practice. This audio absorption results in a minimal palette of green and grey tones. 

India Zegan| The tree would only be found at higher altitudes [I] (2014-2016)| Materials: Pencil on archival Fabriano paper | Dimensions: 150x 110cm | Documentation: Felicity Jenkins

Note: I have taken a slight and inescapable detour with my Museum of Fathers work.

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