Saturday, 2 April 2016

Work in progress_New suite: The tree would only be found at higher altitudes

Work in progress: The title of the first completed drawing from this suite, 'The tree would only be found at higher altitudes' was finally completed in January 2016. These allegorical works mark a psychoanalytically charged shift into colour after a period of five years of working exclusively in grey and white tones*.

The archaeology of marks that the first completed work has excavated presents my ongoing investigation into the politics and measure of time and the architecture of agency. The tree that my title alludes to is a Silver Birch (Betula pendula); it is not an Australian native.  

My experiences of growing up in Adelaide's 'Little Poland' during the late 1960s-1980s are irrevocably etched into my history and value systems. My aim is that this suite of automatic cartoautographical drawings will document these epistemological tensions and climatic conditions.

I commenced working on the rest of this suite in mid January 2016. All works measure 150cm x 105cm (approx). I will be physically shifting works around my studio walls as I work on them. Self imposed deadline: 3rd week of May. 

*The one exception during this period was the costuming required for performances, Raspberry Slurpee (2013) and Sorry Doll (2014).

Work in progress, 9/4/2016

Work in progress, 2/4/2016

Work in progress, approx 27/2/2016

Work in progress, 13/2/2016

Work in progress, 12/2/2016

Work in progress, 6/2/2016

Work in progress, 5/2/2016
Work in progress 16/1/2016

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