Thursday, 13 April 2017

A history of wind, Chapter II: 'Echo' (2016- 2017 )

Studio shot: marks that slipped off  the page
In a bid to extend my audience, I've decided to present my next solo show at Cancberra's CAS's Manuka exhibition space. Show opens next Thursday, 25th May and runs until 4 June. If you are reading this blog, and live within the vicinity of Canberra, please consider yourself very warmly invited to attend the opening that commences at 6pm on the 25th.

For this exhibition, I will be presenting two new chapters of work that belong to my new project, A history of wind (2015- ). Both chapters, The tree would only be found at higher altitudes (2015-2016) and Echo (2016-2017), have not been publicly displayed before.

My decision to present my work in Canberra is based on two extremely enjoyable work trips that I made to Canberra in 2016. The first was to visit ANU's Drill Hall Gallery to see the group show 'Re-purpose', which included a new suite of 12+ works by the Sydney based artist, Nicole Ellis.

My second involved a visit to a private house-museum and the NGA. The aim for Day 1 of this visit was to gain an understanding of this fine tuned private collection of Australian and International conceptual art, and to see their then current Lawrence Weiner exhibition in their project space. The scope of this private collection brings to mind encyclopedic collections of conceptual art held in Kunsthalles.
Day 2 of this visit also enabled me to visit various galleries at the NGA, including Rose Nolan's impressive installation, and to quietly contemplate the galleries' homage to the Australian artist, Bea Maddock, who died last year.

I am looking forward to packing up the works on Tuesday for Canberra. This will then leave my walls 'free', ready to start the next body of work that I've already firmly mapped out. My aim is to get a firm start on this new expanded suit of drawings before the stuff of another studio move descends later on this year.......

Other nice things: Will try to visit squeeze in a visit to the site specific James Turrell work at the NGA with two friends who have not seen it.

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