Monday, 5 June 2017

Conceptual rational: A history of wind + updated CV+ notes

India Zegan
A history of wind

Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka
25 May – 4 June, 2017

A history of wind is an ongoing long-form project which commenced in late 2015. This diaristic project proposes and investigates slow-building wild-weather events. It is an exploration of agency and the incremental shifts of knowledge that assist the migrant, refugee, or sailor who passes through unchartered and unfamiliar waters. This exhibition presents the first two chapters of this project.

Chapter 1: The tree would only be found at higher altitudes (2015- 2016), is made up of seven large-scale drawings. This suite of drawings envisions a sea voyage in which a vessel’s compass has ceased working as it nears the magnetic equator. To steer us through unknowable waters, these allegorical works imagine an encyclopedic study of cloud patterns. The waxy and heavily built up surfaces of these drawings reference the oilcloth sails that sailors once used to catch and harness the wind.

Chapter 2: Echo (2016- 2017), is made up of fifty-four interrelated drawings that suggest an additional syntax of navigation – echolocation or acoustic wayfinding – the sounding of location and objects through auditory cues. These drawings document the ensuing echoes and their aural fingerprints; they also chart the trajectory of time.

India Zegan
May 2017


India Zegan is a Sydney based conceptual artist working across sculpture, drawing and installation. She has recently been a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize (2017) and Fishers Ghost (2016 & 2015). Previous solo exhibitions: Museum of Fathers, Factory 49 (2015); Black ice, Factory 49 (2014), Schmatte, First Draft (2004). Selected group exhibitions: Scoring Patti Smith, Affiliated Text, Cross Art Books, (2015); F Generation: Feminisim, Art, Progressions, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University (2015); Notes to a Future Feminist Archive, Affiliated Text (2015); Daisy Chain, Marrickville Garage (2014), Feral, Articulate Project Space (2014); Redfern Biennale (2014); Fair Isle, Articulate Project Space (2014); The Survey Show, Clandulla State Gallery (2014); Closer, Articulate Upstairs (2013); 20/20, Robert Lake and Jon Frum Foundation at Damien Minton Gallery (2012); Site/Unseen, First Draft (2003) and Cells, a site specific installation at the Former Children’s Court, Albion Street, Surry Hills (2001). Essay: Lynne Barwick, India Zegan’s Museum of Fathers:

India completed her BVA (Hons) at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University (1998). As an undergraduate she was the recipient of the John Ewan Frazer Bursary (1997), the Thomas Walker Bursary (1997), and an AGNSW Basil and Muriel Hooper Scholarship (1996). India completed an MA in Art Admin at CoFA, UNSW in 2005. Residencies include the NSW Ministry for the Arts Gunnery Studio Residency (2005/6) and Bundanon Trust (2005).  Other grants include: CoFA GAS Grant (2003) and NSW Ministry for the Arts Marketing Grant (2000). This exhibition is India Zegan’s first solo exhibition in Canberra. 


Notes: I'm very glad that I took the gamble to show these works in Canberra. The warm and generous atmosphere in Canberra reminds me of the arts scene in Adelaide where I grew up. I will be uploading installation shots shortly.