Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Exhibition documentation: A history of wind, Chapter I & II

Installation shot at Canberra Contemporary Art Space, ACT. Chapter I of this long form project, The tree would only be found at higher altitudes is comprised of 7 large scale works.  Each drawing measures 150cm x 100cm. All documentation: Brenton McGeachie.
[Tip: Click on each image (below) if you would like to see a smaller sized documentation shot.]

Chapter II: Echo is similar to the drawings in Chapter I, in that these drawings are also diaristic, in that they measure a particular time. When I commenced these drawing I originally thought that they might be shown as couplets, as aural fingerprints. However, as the underlying narrative that drove these works unfolded, so did my want to keep pushing the boundaries of this work. There are 54 echo drawings in this chapter. The wind wxx cxxxx hxx vxxxx axxx.

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